The Rectory School

A comprehensive vision for the future


Fulcrum was asked to join the Master Planning team led by New England Design for The Rectory School, a 250 student K-9 residential school situated on a 138 acre campus in Pomfret, Ct. New England Design’s founder, Kevin Tubridy, recognized the tangible benefits of looking beyond the traditional components of a campus master plan and sought out the services of The Fulcrum Group to round out his master planning team.


Fulcrum provided a detailed facility needs audit to quantify and prioritize the amount of capital renewal and deferred maintenance funding required for the existing infrastructure.

Fulcrum and New England Design integrated the findings of the facility needs audit into the fabric of the master plan. Five initiatives were crafted to leverage planned renovations and facility construction to phase out deferred maintenance, reduce operating costs, improve conditions for campus users and transform the way the campus heated and cooled its 23 individual buildings.

Each of Fulcrum’s proposed energy strategies leveraged the projected future capital investments in new or renovated facilities and identified detailed opportunities on this highly decentralized campus to consolidate heating/cooling systems to cost-effectively serve adjacent facilities.
Fulcrum also instituted a database to automatically generate and track work tickets for preventive maintenance and outstanding needs across the facility. This allowed the new director of facilities and school administration implement a new preventive maintenance program.  

Rectory is currently in the early stages of Phase implementation of this long term campus master plan.