Sea Island Resort

Ensuring the high expectations of discerning clients

Based on Fulcrum's performance on the Cloister project and unwavering advocacy for the owner, Fulcrum was further engaged to provide Sea Island with commissioning services for the Beach Club, Spa, Frederica Golf Clubhouse and the Ocean Club Residences. Fulcrum's high level of technical services for these luxury facilities coupled with the demands placed on Sea Island’s real estate group led Sea Island to request Fulcrum’s unique perspective on a variety of facilities issues. Fulcrum was asked to help assist in the expansion of the resort’s central chiller plant, diagnose mechanical systems issues in their existing luxury residences, help align contractor responsibilities in the accelerated construction of the new Ocean Club Residences and provided a financial review of the resorts capital construction process with the goal of assessing opportunities to make it more efficient for later phases of the resort’s planned expansion.

The bucolic ocean-side setting of Sea Island belies the challenges it poses to mechanical systems. Salt air and high humidity combine to render 'typical' HVAC systems solutions inadequate, eventually leading to client complaints and operator frustrations. Fulcrum's design reviews of the proposed HVAC systems in all of the Sea Island’s facilities it commissioned acknowledged this harsh operating environment and strengthened design criteria on insulation, controls and overall quality of the base systems being proposed by the various design teams.


Residents of several luxury condominiums complained of cooking odors from adjacent units migrating into their spaces. The original contractor had been unable to determine the source of complaints.

The Fulcrum Solution:

Fulcrum was asked to investigate and through a series of smoke tests and detailed inspections determined that cooking hood ductwork was improperly installed and at times cross-connected with bathroom exhaust ductwork. The contractor returned to make corrections at no expense to Sea Island.

Commissioning services included:

  • Schematic & construction document reviews
  • Installation quality inspections
  • Submittal and building equipment reviews
  • Systems performance verification
  • Operator instruction and turnover service